Friendship Tree Project

Rotary’s president emeritus, Paul Harris, traveled during the 1920s and 1930s planting trees to symbolize goodwill and friendship. Ever since, Rotarians have planted trees in the name of fellowship, friendship, and community service. 

Today, as Pillars of the Environment, we celebrate trees as representing sustainable green communities. In celebration, the Rotary Clubs of District 7070 combined forces with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Hoselton’s to create a symbol of our commitment - the Rotary Friendship Tree Ornament. Each Rotary Friendship Tree Ornament purchased helps Rotary Clubs continue their philanthropic endeavors and supports the Nature Conservancy of Canada as it protects our country’s most precious natural places. Together we can sustain each other and the lands and waters that sustain our very lives.

As Rotary District 7070, we are 55 Rotary clubs and have more than 1,960 members throughout Southern Ontario. In addition, we have Rotaract, Interact, Rotex, and Earlyact clubs. The basis of all we do is to share our passion for community service, friendships, heritage, and the environment. Moreover, we tackle our environmental issues the way we always tackle our passions: through fundraising, making the public aware of the importance of these projects, using our connections to change our landscape, and planning for a greener future. We have but one planet. Rotarians are proud to consider Rotary International one of the earliest modern-day groups of passionate tree huggers.
Hail to the mighty tree.

Place your order, below, for the quantity desired.  Your order will be acknowledged and delivery will be coordinated through our event chair Jeremy Taft.  These make excellent holiday gifts and are packaged with three pine seeds to plant for the future.

Friendship Tree Project
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